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We take pride in our custom embroidery bundles, providing a variety of shirt colors, thread colors and types* to help your logo or design stand out with no need to worry about industry specific terms or technical details, creating a long lasting product. All embroidery bundle pricing is all inclusive for sizes small - unisex 3xl (depending on availability*).

Please make sure you have a high quality image or design. If not, we'd be happy to get a design or logo created for you. If we made your design or logo, we already have it in house and it's ready for embroidery.

*Note: Your thread color(s) must stay the same throughout the bundle order but the shirt size and color can change as much as you'd like.

We'll reach out to you to get the shirt color, thread color and sizes, as well as an email to submit design files.

*Due to supply chain issues, we source from a variety of distributors and manufacturers to ensure a wide variety of colors and sizes are available. However, a desired color or size may not be available and/or a substitute may be of a different material or color shade. We take every measure possible to avoid this and will let you know of any inventory issues after order details have been taken. Apparel is unisex fit unless otherwise stated.

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